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Help with Anxiety and Stress at Work

Are you exhausted with second–guessing yourself? Are you terrified of making the wrong decision? Of making decisions at all? Do you find yourself wishing the day would end because you can’t deal with people….because your nerves are fried? Do you fret about what people think of you…what they might say or do? Do you feel like you always have to watch out….that you’re a screw-up waiting to be found out?

As a therapist and executive coach and consultant to businesses for over 10 years, I have helped everyone from senior level executives with jitters about their deal-breaker meetings to managers uncomfortable interacting with colleagues, to small business owners whose businesses and personal relationships suffer because they are worried about getting everything just right.

People come to see me for a variety of reasons. Some are tired of feeling disrespected, even marginalized by co-workers and bosses. Others suspect that they have played a role in bad work relationships but don’t know how to repair them. Others say they are burnt out….on overload, and can’t explain why. What about you? Are you anxious? Are you stressed out? Did you know these are two entirely different things?

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The double edge sword: Why anxiety WORKS at work:

It’s common to feel nervous about things related to work because, let’s face, work is a big deal. We all have a lot riding on our careers. You may have invested a number of years (and lots of money) in education just to get your job or maybe you have worked your way up a very long, corporate ladder. The pressure to support a family is real, and weighs heavily, even on the most well-adjusted individuals. But what else is going on that leaves you sleepless at night and frantic during the workday? Do you ever ask,

  • “Why I am I the only one taking things seriously?”
  • “Why can’t I ‘get into my work’?”
  • “Why can’t I just leave the office politics at the office?”
  • “Why is it that no matter how much I do, I never feel that it is enough?”
  • “Why am I constantly thinking about work?”

Prior to becoming a therapist, I was an organizational development consultant specializing in change and employee development. I’ve observed that certain kinds of thinking get in the way of job satisfaction, advancement, and peace of mind. In therapy, I will:

  • Teach you the signs of anxiety and how to overcome it
  • Help you develop awareness of how you are perceived
  • Show you how to pinpoint the self-defeating thoughts that drive your mood
  • Reveal how old family relationship patterns influence and often control our work relationships
  • Give you tools and strategies to help you re-build damaged relationships

What would it be like to go to work WITHOUT that nervous, apprehensive, furious or uncomfortable feeling? It’s worth finding out….peace of mind is right around the corner.

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