San Jose DBT Program

CriticalPath Counseling offers a Comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy program that is  full-fidelity, that is, it is adherent to the the program developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D., treatment developer. You may also learn even more details about our program by visiting our sister site San Jose DBT .

Our program is conducted by Melinda Carlisle Brackett, LMFT , an intensively trained DBT Therapist. Our standard DBT program is available for adults 18 years old and older. The program is co-ed and lasts approximately six months to one year and includes weekly individual DBT Psychotherapy, a DBT skills training group (90min), as- needed, in-between telephone coaching, and the therapist’s participation on a consultation team of other DBT Therapists.

Individual DBT Psychotherapy: Through a combination of dialectical, validation, and problem-solving strategies, individual therapy helps clients to reduce maladaptive, mood-dependent behaviors and replace them with more skillful responses. Individual DBT Therapy is highly collaborative, structured, and organized behavioral therapy that clients find very validating, warm, and interesting. The individual DBT Therapist  teaches clients how to analyze their own behaviors and create plans to change those behaviors that interfere with client goals. Additionally, the DBT Therapist will help clients using a variety of evidence based exposure protocols to resolve past trauma and PTSD if applicable.

A  DBT skills training group in San Jose combines lecture, discussion and practice exercises to develop and refine skills in non-judgmental, present moment awareness and acceptance, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and problem-solving.

San Jose DBT Skills Training:

Core Mindfulness – being present and non-judgmentally aware in the moment, Thinking and Acting Dialectically, Validation of self and others, and behavioral Principals. Mindfulness is the core skill in DBT. It is the foundational skill in all the modules and is taught alongside skills for analyzing behavior at the beginning of every module. Formerly, Mindfulness was taught as its own module but we now teach our skills group from Marsha Linehan’s newest and most current skills training manual and we follow the exact schedule she uses in her research setting at the University of Washington.

Training Modules ( 8 weeks long including 2 weeks of Mindfulness):

Interpersonal Effectiveness( 8 weeks long including 2 weeks of Mindfulness): – relating skillfully with others.

Emotion Regulation( 8 weeks long including 2 weeks of Mindfulness): learning to skillfully use or change emotions.

Distress Tolerance –  (8 weeks long including 2 weeks of Mindfulness): Learning to manage and accept  difficult feelings  and situations without acting impulsively or making the situation worse..

Telephone Coaching: Phone coaching is designed to promote skills use where it matters most — in the real world. Coaching can be especially helpful to clients when they find themselves in difficult situations and need assistance in putting the skills to work.

Consultation Group: Melinda participates in a DBT consultation group with other DBT practitioners. The consultation team provides a weekly forum to help therapists’ problem-solve difficulties that interfere with clients’ progress in treatment, and helps keep the therapist working within a dialectical framework.

Getting Started: Because of the personal dedication, sacrifice and effort required to successfully complete San Jose DBT’s Dialectical Behavior Therapy program, applicants are required to complete an individual DBT Orientation and Commitment session as part of the assessment process.

DBT pre-treatment requirements:

  • Initial intake interview and up to 4 sessions to determine eligibility and readiness for DBT Skills Training
  • Agreements with the individual DBT Psychotherapist and DBT Skills Group Leader (if different)
  • Signed release to exchange information with client’s psychiatrist and other treatment team members


Includes weekly Individual DBT Psychotherapy and weekly DBT Skills Training Class. Each Skills Training Module is 8 weeks in duration. Tuition Payment for each skills training module  can be  made at the beginning of the skills module, or paid weekly by credit card left on file.  When clients join a DBT Skills Group Module they are buying their seat in the module even if they are making weekly payments. Therefore clients are responsible for the full 8 sessions of each module even if they are unable to attend all 8 sessions. Cash, and major credit cards accepted.   Please call (408) 893-4032 for current group fees. For more information about CriticalPath Counseling’s DBT program please visit:

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