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Behavior Therapist Melinda Carlisle Brackett of CriticalPath Counseling offers DBT Skills Training for Parents of Teens and Young Adults

If you are like most parents of  a struggling teen or young adult, you feel helpless and worried about situations you can no longer even get consulted about let alone control. It can be frightening and at times, maddening to  feel so disconnected from the child who has now grown up and developed a mind of their own.  In some instances parents think that getting their teen or young adult counseling will help get situations at home resolved- situations like communication problems,  difficulties getting a young adult to launch, get a job, contribute, or be financially responsible. It is true  that counseling can make sense for some teens and young adults when there are problems. However, at CriticalPath Counseling we know that the best interventions in a teen’s life, or in the life of a young adult is this: Skillful  Parents.

In fact there is much parents can do to  restore order in their homes and change the dynamics of interactions with their teen or young adult. At CriticalPath Counseling we focus on helping parents be the bridge to adulthood their kids need by teaching them skills and giving them tools to regulate their own emotions about and reactions to normal but stressful situations within their families.

Through DBT Skills Training for Parents , you can discover how to use emotions as opportunities for intimacy and teaching! Researchers have found that even more than IQ, your emotional awareness and ability to handle feelings will determine your success and happiness in all walks of life.  You can learn emotion regulation skills and behavioral strategies that have strong empirical support in helping you be more effective and skillful with your teen or young adult child. Stop feeling worried and guilty and start taking action.

DBT Skills for Parents teaches parents to create an environment of flexibility, curiosity and transparency around your own emotions so you can get your teen or young adult to open up and respond to life rather than react to it. Learn how to validate your teen’s experience while also accomplishing your parenting goals. This flexibility is especially crucial as you navigate your teens changing moods, issues with body image, and evolving world beliefs.

When a teen or young adult mind is expanding and making sense of the world parents need to offer support for flexible and diverse points of view that will most certainly change and grow as they do. Remember that a teen’s brain is not fully developed until the age of 25!

Emotionally regulated and emotion-coached teens become emotionally intelligent people. They are better able to:

  • Control impulses and delay gratification

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    teenager and dad spending time together

  • Soothe themselves when upset
  • Calm their heart rate faster
  • Focus attention
  • Motivate themselves
  • Relate to other people
  • Perform better academically
  • Cope with life’s ups and downs

These key ingredients help teens become healthy, compassionate and moral adults who are likely to make successful life choices.

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