Infidelity is a traumatic fracture for couples. It requires the commitment of both partners to begin to rebuild a relationship after infidelity has occurred.

The person whose partner has been unfaithful needs help to process the trauma of infidelity but perhaps more importantly needs skills to regulate emotions and behave skillfully in day to day life, particularly if there are children and jobs to maintain.

In infidelity, It isn’t uncommon for persons hurt by the affair to want to punish the offending partner which causes new problems and can take the focus off of the important trust building that needs to occur to get the couple back on track to a healthy marriage.

At CriticalPath we help couples get back on track after infidelity with skills, tools and research backed strategies that help structure the couple’s behavior in the midst of high emotions and overwhelm, to keep the situation from getting worse and begin the process of reconciliation. The process of rebuilding a marriage after infidelity is a long one but can be made substantially easier if both couples commit to acceptance of one another even when highly emotional.

CriticalPath Counseling therapists are trained to structure sessions with partners in the aftermath of infidelity by utilizing evidence based strategies from The Gottman Method which evolved out of the excellent ground breaking research of The Gottman Institute.

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