The Real Thing: Doing DBT To Full Fidelity

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Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a precise treatment for serious emotion regulation disorders that is supported by solid clinical research. Most consumers however, do not know that in order for a DBT program to be effective it needs to be full fidelity in that it is implemented in a way that closely resembles the research model in clinical trials. Only a comprehensive DBT programs that incorporates all the critical elements of DBT has been proven effective in randomized controlled trials.  See more about how DBT worksCriticalPath takes research very seriously and it takes its responsibility to the consumer seriously. CriticalPath utilizes only evidence based practices and well-researched adaptations of DBT created and tested by world-renowned experts in Dialectical Behavior therapy. These adaptations honor not only the core principals of DBT, but are well researched and rigorously tested. In addition, CriticalPath remains committed to ongoing clinical training in best practice methods and treatments and is in constant consultation with world-renowned DBT experts when developing new programs.

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