CBT & DBT: A Customized Strategy

Melinda utilizes CBT and DBT techniques and skills within a customized strategy for clients that depends on the type and severity of the problems they are experiencing. The strategy will also depend on what the current research says about the most effective approach, and the client’s specific strengths, limitations and skills.

Some themes she has identified in working with a variety of people and professionals include:

  • Many professionals need short term help with situational crisis or need help diagnosing and understanding the issues in their marriages and in parenting.
  • Professionals sometimes need to navigate the mental health issues of a spouse or family member. Insight from a professional, along with a strategy and a working plan are helpful.
  • Executives who struggle with anxiety or depression need skills and tools to stay functional amidst careers that don’t have a pause button.
  • Work life balance continues to be relevant even though it is often elusive.

By offering only evidence based strategies, CriticalPath Counseling brings the results that are observed in controlled research studies to the more complex and dynamic conditions we often see in private practice in Silicon Valley.  Melinda collaborates with the client to carefully establish a hierarchy of the client’s important goals and objectives and then identifies the problems and behaviors that get in the way of achieving them.  Customizing CBT and DBT psychotherapy in this way allows Melinda to deliver “just what is needed” for each specific client, and therapy can then be shorter term and more efficient.

Though CBT and DBT both have structured protocols, Melinda’s approach is to use them flexibly, informed by evidence, but applied in a manner that works for each specific client. The objective is to design an approach that is efficient and effective in order to maximize success.

Melinda is a CBT therapist whose training in working with executives comes from years of being an executive in a fast-paced technology environment. Not only has she worked under the same high pressure demands as many of her clients, she has also worked with a variety of professionals as an organizational development consultant, trainer, executive coach and project manager.

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