Adult ADD

CriticalPath Counseling recognizes that Adult ADD affects the entire family. Often partners of someone with Adult ADD are unaware that ADD is the cause of many relationship problems. At CriticalPath we are skilled at identifying Adult ADD and sorting through its various symptoms and the way it shows up in family and marriage relationships. Best practices in treating Adult ADD include life management skills, mindfulness skills and emotion regulation skills.

Adult ADD is often the source of pervasive difficulties with motivation and planning. In addition, Adult ADD sufferers often struggle with social skills and reading social signals. Partners often notice a lack of attention as indifference or lack of caring.

At CriticalPath Counseling we help ADD sufferers take the steps they need to manage their symptoms and accept themselves. CriticalPath therapists utilize empirically supported DBT Skills Training to help manage stress and anxiety. DBT has been utilized in several randomized controlled studies with encouraging outcomes.


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