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CriticalPath Counseling offers evidence based psychotherapy counseling in San Jose and Silicon Valley. Our programs are designed to deliver timely and efficient psychotherapy that focuses on “best practices” or the best of what science tells us REALLY WORKS to help clients improve their mental health and get relief from emotional pain. CriticalPath Counseling helps clients achieve their goals and feel better by demystifying psychological processes and treatment with clear language and practical, immediately effective problem solving strategies, communication techniques, and empirically supported behavioral tools and skills.


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Comprehensive DBT Therapy

◦ Who is DBT for?
◦ How does DBT work?
◦ San Jose DBT Program
◦ DBT Skills Groups San Jose
◦ Individual DBT
◦ DBT for Couples
◦ DBT for Parents ID386659 - CriticalPath Counseling | Psychotherapy that Works

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

◦ Anxiety treatment
◦ Depression Therapy
◦ OCD Help


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Relationship Counseling

◦ Marriage Counseling
◦ Communication Skills Counseling
◦ Parenting Skills Counseling
◦ Work relationship Counseling


DBT and CBT Therapy in San Jose

San Jose Psychotherapist Melinda Carlisle Brackett, Licensed Marriage & family therapist is an experienced CBT and DBT Therapist in San Jose whose expertise comes from advanced clinical training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior combined with  over 17 years of  clinical counseling experience. She has been a consulting executive in a fast-paced technology environment for decades in Silicon Valley. Not only has she worked under the same high pressure demands as many of her counseling clients, she has also worked with a variety of professionals as an organizational development consultant, trainer, executive coach and project manager. Check our Melinda’s bio


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